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Curiosity, movement, joy, and hands-on investigation are naturally part of a child’s development as they get to know the world around them. These methods are what children use to eventually acquire and refine various skills throughout their lives as Dr. Maria Montessori explains through her concepts of Developmental Planes and Sensitive Periods. The LUX School used these concepts and an understanding of these optimal developmental opportunities to develop its Montessori-inspired approach.

The LUX School was developed as an engaging and interesting educational environment that nurtures the learning of children through child-centered methodology, while still aligning with Early Learning Guidelines and TEKs for Pre-K and Kindergarten.  At The LUX School, the child’s whole development is considered in their education, addressing not only cognitive needs but physical, social, and emotional needs as well.  Students whose emotional, social, and physical needs are not met, will struggle significantly to thrive cognitively. Details in classrooms are purposeful; creating a calm, comforting environment gives students a sense of home where they can feel safe, allowing them the confidence to pursue their interests.   

In a Montessori-inspired classroom the students are at the center of the learning environment.  Every child is unique, therefore their interests and learning styles are as well.  Giving students the freedom of choice creates a natural love of learning that sadly many students in traditional education programs lack.  At The LUX School, students have the ability to engage in educational pursuits that interest them, within the carefully planned and structured classroom where all the available materials will be within his or her reach to access independently.  Extended periods of exploration and choices are given, providing students with ample time to investigate, attempt, and complete a chosen task.  Materials are designed to let students determine if they have made an error and allow for self-corrections without the need for teacher intervention.  As they travel on the path of learning and exploration teachers are there to support students and enable the process without supplying it, allowing it to naturally unfold, giving children a sense of success and pride in their achievements.


Community is a critical part of The LUX School classroom.  Students learn to cooperate with others and take part in guiding each other in areas where they are stronger, becoming an integral part of the learning process.  Knowing they are an important, valued member of the classroom community gives children a sense of purpose and pride which will enrich their relationships in and out of school as they grow.

Introduction to Knowledge

Various curriculum areas are covered in The LUX School classroom to provide a well-rounded, balanced, child-centered education.  Students are not limited in these areas by the abilities of other students their age. Instead, they are able and encouraged to learn at their own pace taking more time in areas that are difficult for them. At the same time, students are given freedom to advance in areas where they excel.  These areas include sensory learning, math, language, and cultural studies. 

  • Sensory Learning: Students could explore the world through their senses while focusing on naming and describing their experiences proving the ability to classify and discriminate. Students can use hands on materials giving them an understanding of numbers and their patterns. 
  • Language: Language development is such a critical and delicate part of child development. At The LUX School children are guided and supported through the processes of transitioning from emergent communicators to forming letter sounds and eventually words. Their language skills are supported by fine motor exercises to help them develop naturally into writers and readers.
  • Cultural Studies: Children learn about their communities and the differences and similarities in people in their classroom, community, and around the world.  At The LUX School history, science, art, and music are integrated into the curriculum and daily activities to assist students with their quest to become well-developed global citizens. 

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