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Back to School and COVID-19

If your household is like many others, questions about school and daycare are swarming, many unanswered. What will school look like? How do I protect my kids?

COVID-19 Precautions

The LUX School is taking recommended COVID-19 precautions to curb the spread.

  • Hand Washing is integrated into daily routine, with fun challenges such as washing a stamp off to progress to next activity (to promote clean hands, not just wet hands).
  • Masks will be utilized for students two years old and older and when social distancing is not possible. Fun games will be integrated into curriculum to normalize mask-wearing.
  • Temperature Checks and Daily Screenings are completed for everyone entering the campus. Any failed screenings will be followed up with relocation to individual learning space with a caregiver until parents arrive.
  • Podding is the concept of keeping the same kids together in all activities, thus lowering a child’s interaction with large groups while still maintain the social/emotional components of school. Each class, or pod, will play together, lunch together, and learn together, without intermixing with other pods. Separating kids into groups and isolating each group from the others minimizes the exposure of the child throughout the day.
  • Social Distancing children as much as possible. Children are taught “airplane arms” to properly distance from each other when standing in line and moving from one activity to the next.
  • Extra Cleaning: Extra cleaning measures are in place throughout the school including onsite linen sanitizing (no more washing and bringing back bedding), individual school supplies and more.
  • Staying Home If Sick: If your child seems lethargic or is showing any signs of sickness, please keep them home until they feel better.

Staying Connected

Contactless drop-off at the door isn’t the last time you can see your child until pickup. LUX is keeping parents connected while they are at work. Using the Procare Connect app, LUX can send you updates throughout the day, including photos, videos, milestones, and memories to calm separation jitters or just simply brighten your day with the smile of your child. You can also receive notifications about supplies needed (more diapers please!) and upcoming events (pajama day tomorrow!).

De-Stressing Kids

The world is changing, “new normal” is here (and keeps changing). Giving kids a safe environment to grow and explore is imperative. Using our natural playground and engaging spaces, children are inspired to explore and play. Montessori-inspired “freedom with structure” allows for child-led emotional, social, cognitive, and physical development. What the child needs, when they need it.

It Takes a Village

Parenting is a full-time job. And then, there’s your full-time job. And then…well, you thought you were overwhelmed before COVID. The LUX School is designed with children (and families) in mind, with caring staff and engaging spaces.

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