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LUX School Families,

We truly appreciate the transparency, diligence, and cooperation from our school family these past three years regarding our COVID policies. It is only through this collective effort that we have safely navigated such an uncertain time.  

While masks will be not required this August, they are still encouraged. The LUX School will not provide masks unless there is a reported case of COVID or a communicable illness in the classroom. As of now, parents will still be permitted into the school building to escort students to their classroom door.  

Additional Explanations Regarding Masks: 

  • Staff members are currently being asked to wear masks and will be guided based on community cases and local guidance.   
  • COVID or exposure notices will continue.  
  • This policy will be adjusted as needed based on COVID data and community infection rates.  

Building Entry: 

  • Each class will be given a new class entry code for the door. 
    • If a situation arises and the code has possibly been compromised or there is a safety concern regarding a shared family code, please notify the office administrator immediately. The class code will be changed for the safety of students, staff, and others.  
    • When codes are changed, parents will be notified as soon as reasonably possible. 
    • Please do not hold the door open for unfamiliar individuals; especially anyone not escorting a child. 
    • Codes are electronically managed and may be changed immediately or without notice (in case of emergency).  
    • Codes are not to be shared with extended family or individuals temporarily picking up.
  • Parent codes will allow entry to the front, main, entrance only. 
    • Until August 22nd, main hallway doors will remain open until 9am. This will help students and new families acclimate to the drop off routine.
    • Starting the 22nd, hall doors will be opened until 8:40am to allow for drop off at the door of the classroom. 
    • Students arriving after 8:40am, will need to be escorted by a parent or guardian into the office and held until a staff member can escort them to class. Academic lessons start at 8:30 daily.
    • Please be mindful that staff must remain focused on the children. There may be an opportunity for a brief discussion with parents, or there may not. A meeting or conference can be scheduled, if needed.
    • In the evenings, hall doors will re-open at 2:30pm. Parents will be responsible for gathering student items from the hall outside their student’s respective classroom. Half-day dismissal (12:30pm) will remain drive-thru. 
  • Parents will need to park, in a parking spot, to enter the school building. Please do not block the driveway for safety reasons. 

We are excited for the new school year and cannot wait to create new memories with your family!  

In the Light of Knowledge, 
Holly Barber-Gatlin 
MBBT Inc. DBA The Lux School: Creative Movement Campus 

Why the Lux School?

We care about the education of young children in our community.

We collaborate with parents to balance the care and scholastic needs of their children.

We change by offering educational opportunities for early childhood employees that seek enrichment.

We are here to help.

We support parents in providing a loving community and the best opportunities for the loves of their lives when they cannot be with them all day.

We believe in and need our staff. We have created a safe and healthy work environment for our staff that facilitates personal and professional growth, inspires creativity, and seeks to continuously develop well trained professionals.

The Lux School was planned, created, and developed to provide quality childcare that gives children an educational head start. We do this by igniting their educational interest through well designed enriching activities and genuine encounters with local friends within innovative learning environments.

We care. We collaborate. We change.

Staying Connected

Contactless drop-off at the door isn’t the last time you can see your child until pickup. LUX is keeping parents connected while they are at work. Using the Procare Connect app, LUX can send you updates throughout the day, including photos, videos, milestones, and memories to calm separation jitters or just simply brighten your day with the smile of your child. You can also receive notifications about supplies needed (more diapers please!) and upcoming events (pajama day tomorrow!).

De-Stressing Kids

The world is changing, “new normal” is here (and keeps changing). Giving kids a safe environment to grow and explore is imperative. Using our natural playground and engaging spaces, children are inspired to explore and play. Montessori-inspired “freedom with structure” allows for child-led emotional, social, cognitive, and physical development. What the child needs, when they need it.

It Takes a Village

Parenting is a full-time job. And then, there’s your full-time job. And then…well, you thought you were overwhelmed before COVID. We are here to help. The LUX School is designed with children (and families) in mind, with caring staff and engaging spaces.

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