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The Lux school encourages families to get involved in the education of their Pre-k Kids.  People often think of math as a daunting task or as a subject they are just “not good at.”  As young learners, math can be playful and even fun for children to take part in with families during everyday activities and play.  When the foundation is happy and entertaining, students are more likely to have positive feelings about math when they are older.  Counting is one of the most basic mathematical skills that can easily become part of your everyday life with your child.

Snack Time

Most kids are quickly aware of the concept of more and less long before they have any idea that it is a mathematical skill and even before they can count.  Any parent with two or more children has probably heard it at least once, “she has more than I do.”  These are moments that can easily become early counting practice by giving out portions together and counting as you go,  “one, two, three, four, five, six crackers for you; one, two, three, four, five, six crackers for her.”

Putting Toys Away

Cleaning up is a regular activity in the home and often leads to struggle.  Simply creating a game by saying “let’s see how many you can throw in the box” and counting to see how many points they scored not only gets the chores done in a fun way but encourages counting skills.

Getting Dressed

You can start small, count while getting dressed “one arm in, two arms in”, “one sock on, two socks on” for higher numbers you can count buttons or items of clothing to be worn that day.  Children will enjoy this playful attention while getting ready for the day.

On the Move

Walking or driving in the car there are endless things to observe and count.  “What color cars do you want to count?”  “hmmm how many houses are on this street? lets count them to see!”  Count stairs while you climb up or down. 

Setting the Table

Counting the items needed for everyone, a child can take part in the household responsibilities and practice their counting.  “I need 5 spoons so we all get one, can you help me?”

At the Park

Physical objects are great to count such as counting the monkey bars they can go across, or how many kids are at the park.   Counting does not need to be limited to objects, counting an activity such as how many times they go down the slide, or roll down a hill is a fantastic way to practice the skill of counting without a tangible object available and as an added bonus may encourage your child to be active for longer to see how many they can do. 

Enjoying Math 

With everyday games and responsibilities, counting can start simply with just a few things to count and progress as your child does, matching their growing abilities.  Count along with them often-- this modeling with likely turn into them doing it even when you are not around to participate.

When math is treated playfully, it does not feel like a chore or something that is hard.  Set the tone early for how they feel about math out of the classroom, so when they encounter it at school, it is a fun and enjoyable activity integrated into daily life.

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